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Or is it Christmas Chaos?  The lists, stores, mall madness, gift wrapping, parties, planning, decking the halls, caroling, card writing, picture posing, cookie baking, long-distance traveling, food preparing...just when it seems like you're nearing the end there's always the last minute, "Oh shoot, I forgot _____."  Not to mention the money, money, money spending all while trying to save up for next month's tax bill.  Then the heart strings pulling for the loved ones not here, or we just know so-and-so will say something venomous.  Maybe family fights are spoiling the fun.  The stress of a year crammed into a few weeks all while saying it's for good-tidings and cheer.

Well, it doesn't have to be that way.  Sure, it might take extra effort to create the magic of Christmas morning for your little ones or to bring joy to your old ones, but it is possible to keep the cheer.


Balance!  Give yourself down time.  Every day.  If something that needs doing pops up in your memory simply write it down and forget about it.  Make time and space for relaxation and enjoy it.

Joy!  Sure, as the adult you're the one doing all the work, but it can be fun and exciting like the good, old days as a kid.  Be the PPD - Perfect Present Detective.  Imagine being a race car driver of the stroller zigzagging among shoppers.  Sing carols obnoxiously loud substituting words for how you really feel.  I do this all the time with my children, and the next thing you know we're laughing and being productive.  "Jingle Bells, your diaper smells, why won't you nap today?  I need some elf magic right now or I might go insane, hey!"  Let the silly out!

Respect!  Lastly, respect your budget.  If you planned on spending $20 on your best friend, don't go to the store and spend $40.  Give from your heart, but use your head.  You'll save yourself a lot of stress and money.

Angel Healer

<![CDATA[Magical Moments]]>Wed, 09 Dec 2015 17:46:45 GMThttp://www.brightpathwaysllc.com/blog/magical-moments
We hear a lot about Law of Attraction in the spiritual circles we scroll through online.  Honestly, some of it just doesn't hold up as truth to me.  I don't agree with all I've read, but there are some essences of it that I find true.

First, the importance of state of mind.  We struggle to cope with life, to go with the flow and make choices based on Spirit's guidance if we are in a frazzled, fearful state of mind.  When we are actively looking for our true power with the eyes of love and faith we have a strong, calm state of mind.  This can be the difference between a fear-based reaction and a love-based response to whatever life throws our way.
Second, the interconnection of our lives.  You want the love of a lifetime.  That's your goal.  But Spirit guides you to find a different job.  Or maybe you want the self-sustaining spiritual career of your dreams.  But Spirit guides you to have a child.  Or maybe you want your family to become more peaceful and connected.  But Spirit guides you to move.

Sometimes following Spirit's guidance can be like, "What the hecksie-daisy are You thinking, God?!"  I want to go over here, this way, where my passion and desire is leading me.  Why are you leading me the opposite direction?

Well, you have to clean up last night's supper mess in the kitchen before you can start baking those cookies.  Our lives are not just career, romance, family, personal care, spirituality or health at singular, individual moments.  We are not just body, but heart, mind and soul too.  Everything is interconnected and simultaneously synchronized.  To bring us to the place God needs us to be for the greatest good and our true purpose we have to clean up the clutter.

This does not mean that everything has to be perfect before you begin taking actions to achieve your goals, but don't tell God what the path should look like.  Let Spirit guide you, wherever it may lead, and I promise you will be amazed at the perfection of hindsight is 20/20.

Third, the importance of small steps.  Dancing your way to your goal is much more fun than a nose to the ground bee-line anyway.  Enjoy each little step.  You know...it is the journey, not the destination.  And when you get there you'll inevitably set a new goal for yourself anyway...and another and another.  Be content with the step Spirit guides you to take for now.  Smile at the goal and hug the present moment.  That little thing you achieve will add up to a mountain of accomplishments, and before you know it you'll be at the summit.

Lastly, you can do anything, but you can do more with good help!  Let yourself be mentored, guided, educated and loved.  When you accept help you are giving someone the opportunity to be God's hands in your life.  When you accept help you are giving someone the opportunity to feel the validation of following Spirit's guidance.  If it feels like the gift is being divinely offered say, "Yes, please, thank you!"  You'll know the difference between a trick-gift that is really for control or manipulation and the generous offering of a kind soul.  Trust yourself and let the ones you trust help.

These are the magical moments of manifestation.

Angel Healer
<![CDATA[Faith is Freedom]]>Tue, 08 Dec 2015 18:18:36 GMThttp://www.brightpathwaysllc.com/blog/faith-is-freedom
Wow!  It is a repeat of yesterday's message ... God works through us and with us.  When we are self-doubting we are in our ego.  When we are forcing with our willpower we are denying ourselves the freedom of creating with God.

Yes, it is indeed freeing to surrender to faith.  By giving up control we are free to be and do as God guides us which is always more wonderful and awesome than we could ever forcefully create.

Allow yourself the freedom to see with the eyes of love.  Allow yourself the freedom to see yourself and every person you meet with love.  Allow yourself the freedom to be the full expression of your beautiful self, a child of God, divine by nature.

When we allow ourselves the freedom of faith we are open in unfathomable ways to guidance.  When we follow this guidance we are validated by Spirit with an abundance of positivity.  We learn by our experiences to have full confidence in God.  With more confidence we receive more and more positivity, because we will be able to give with more love.  We will be giving with God's love.

Be joyful in your surrender to faith.  Feel the freedom of the open seas and all of the wonderful new shores you will be brought to.  And drink more water.  ;-)

Angel Healer
Moving forward does not necessarily require you to have confidence in yourself.  Confidence in God is enough, along with knowing that God works through you and with you in all ways.  Lean upon us if your confidence wavers, and we will buoy your courage and faith.
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I have 46 card decks, but this deck, "Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards" by Doreen Virtue, feels like getting my first deck.  I am so excited to receive it!  The cards were buzzing as I shuffled.

This card ties in with all of the cards going back to last week's "Daydream" card.  I see the many creative people who find my creative work here and connect with Spirit's message.  Thank you for bringing your sacred energy!

Today Spirit brings to attention our tendency to hide away our creative projects.  This often stems from the ego's trap of "but it's not perfect yet" or a fear of rejection and criticism.
These thoughts mean we are taking ownership of what we created.  Generally speaking ownership is a good thing, but oftentimes in creativity it is a block.  Great works are done with Spirit's guidance.  They are not made manifest by our ability.  They are created by our ability to follow Spirit's directions.

So if someone is being a bully about your creative ideas...or you are being your own mental bully...remember this:

It is not 'I' who owns this creation.

Yes, we have natural talents and abilities.  Yes, we need to receive compensation for our services (time, space, materials, energy) in order to meet our physical needs of earthly life.  Yes, we need to physically create our work, because just daydreaming about our creative abilities isn't enough.

At the end of the day when we work with Spirit it isn't really ours.  It is God's. Freeing, right?  We are free to create with Spirit, because those who would reject our work are not rejecting us or our abilities personally.  Our work reaches people in ways we couldn't imagine and that we will never fully know.  Spirit takes care of that as God sees fit.

We have the right to create.  Our creative right is to share our work free of fear.  No matter what anyone says about our work we release any ego-driven desire to take it personally - whether it is approval or rejection.  Knowing we created with Spirit is plenty for it is Spirit who truly fills our cup.

​Angel Healer

<![CDATA[Small Steps]]>Sat, 05 Dec 2015 21:55:05 GMThttp://www.brightpathwaysllc.com/blog/small-steps
What is intuition?  A nagging gut feeling, your ears ringing when in a crowd, a visual flash of what could happen, that sensation that somebody that wasn't you just said something in your mind, a sudden unexplained smell, a rush of warmth, a hair-raising chill, a pulsing sensation in your stomach right at the solar plexus?  I have experienced all of these, and they all were guidance from Spirit.

Don't discount that nagging feeling that something or someone is off and you should leave.  You might just save your life.

My solar plexus throbs like I've been staked when something major is about to be revealed that triggers my fears.  When the situation unfolds and I comfort myself to the other side of fear back to faith the throbbing stops.

I have felt the cold breeze of a deceased loved one brush the tears from my cheek and heard them as if they were speaking from the origin of my thoughts that I was doing fine, just fine.

I have felt the heated rush of Spirit's healing power flow through me as I opened my energy for a Reiki session.

I have followed Divine Guidance that seemed ludicrous, crazy, asinine and insane.  (I'm sure a non-believer would say there is sufficient evidence to institutionalize me based on this post!)  I have ended relationships when told to, and I moved from Wisconsin to Arizona because Spirit said so.  Time and time again I have thought, "Wow!  If I had known how this would all turn out I wouldn't have hesitated for a moment!"

Are you ever frustrated because you feel like you're climbing the mountain towards your life purpose, but no one will really tell you what that is?  I feel ya!  Spirit has never shown me the big picture in finite detail.  I know this service of offering readings isn't the final stop, it isn't my ultimate destination, but it is where Spirit wants me now for reasons really only God can understand.  This is but a step on my journey, an important step, and for now that is enough to know.

All of these small steps bring me closer to the purpose God has for my life.  I don't need to tell God what my purpose is or what the dream of my heart is.  Spirit shows it to me in fragmented pieces when I have the courage to act with child-like faith.  Spirit is asking you to follow your intuition.  One small step at a time.

Angel Healer
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I love Pick a Card!  My first pick-a-card post was in November 2013 on Facebook www.facebook.com/brightpathways.  As I scrolled back through to find when exactly I posted the first one it was humbling and joyful to see all of the changes I and Bright Pathways have undergone.  Every change I agree to make brings me one step closer to my higher purpose.  As the shamans say, I can feel it in my bones.

​I am excited to see what else Spirit will inspire, and I am content to create today.  My faith is my freedom, my gratitude is my grace.  Thank you to those who have joined me on my journey, and for those who are just starting to get to know me and my services.  Without further ado, let's see what the Angels have to say today!

Let us start with a prayer - God, thank you for your unconditional and unending love and support. Please guide me to the card that will assist me on my journey for the highest good of myself and all. With love and peace, thank you.

Breathe in, hoooold, aaand breathe oooout.  Again!

Think of a question, situation, relationship, etc. you would like angelic guidance on aaaaannnnddd...Pick!

The picture above is of the actual cards shuffled and laid so the energy of the "right" card for you should be "feel-able." Don't second-guess yourself!! Your first pick is the right pick…the rest is silly thinking.

Pick A Card Reading!

Affirmation:  I move forward fearlessly, trusting that each step I take is perfectly guided.
Card A - Moving Forward Fearlessly
Courage is not the absence of fear, but acting out of love in spite of fear.  There are times when the woods will be dark and the path overgrown.  That doesn't make the path you chose wrong or bad.  Sometimes it just means you've got to work for it.  Persevere!  Spirit does not take where you do not need to go.  Feel validation that you are going the right way through the love and passion you feel for the goal.  If you hold a dream in your heart that requires action on your part please do one thing to bring it to fruition.  Even the smallest step is progress.  Doodling a floor plan of your perfect office space or making that call to see that certain doctor or sending a text to someone you miss for a coffee and muffin date or skipping the Facebook scroll for a quiet meditation or researching that course you wanted to take.  It is a choice where you use your energy.  Every time you choose with courage and integrity to honor love despite fear the Angels do a happy dance.  Even if you're just sticking your toe in the water to test the temperature it is progress.

Card B - Breaking Free
​You work hard.  You have a lot of demands on your time and energy.  You are responsible for a lot of responsibilities.  You have a lot of people depending on you to be your best.  These obligations that you love can be harmful to your well-being when you forget that you make the choice of how you spend your time and use your energy.  You are bogged down by feeling you can't, you shouldn't, so-and-so won't let you, circumstances won't allow it.  Are you addicted to excuses about why the world isn't letting you be the person you want to be?  Are you content to allow the needs of others to constantly override your desires?  It is time to break free from the cycle.  You can be responsible and caring, considerate and giving, but not at the expense of you.  There must be balance.  The more you are living by someone else's "shoulds" the more you are giving your power away to make yourself happy and be responsible to yourself.  That doesn't mean you forget everyone else and their needs.  It means you take care of you so you are more energized and able to meet your responsibilities.  You aren't trapped by your circumstances.  You are trapped by your choice to put yourself second...or fifth.  Break free.  Reclaim your right to choose.
Affirmation:  I am free, and I am powerful.  I now allow myself to enjoy this freedom and power.

I am tuned in to my inner source of direction.  I confidently rely upon this inner source to guide me perfectly.
Card C - Self-Reliance
While I love giving readings and helping people feel confidence, faith and guidance from Spirit about their pathway there are times when it is not my place.  Sometimes Spirit says, "You don't need any validation from anyone.  You need to trust yourself."  When you think about it, do you trust yourself?  Do you have faith in Spirit's guiding hand and your ability to receive the messages for yourself about yourself?  You are gifted.  Use it!  If you notice that a particular person is putting down your intuitive intelligence ignore them.  Your inner voice is Spirit and Spirit is guiding you to be of service by doing what is being asked of you.  You are qualified.  You are deserving.  You are able.  Your dreams are in your hands to create.  Faith.  Trust.  Quiet confidence.  Focused intention.  Deliberate action.  Let your light shine.  We need you.

Wowza!  Look at these cards!  Fearless, free, powerful, self-reliant ... rock your spiritual self!  I look at these cards ... I see the faces of those who posted their pick ... I see strong, amazing souls.  I feel so blessed to share these moments with you.  You are my inspiration and motivation.  Thank you!

​Angel Healer

All images and affirmation quotes are from
Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards ​© 2001 by Doreen Virtue.
<![CDATA[Created to Create]]>Thu, 03 Dec 2015 18:42:03 GMThttp://www.brightpathwaysllc.com/blog/created-to-create
Oh, I could hide 'neath the wings of the bluebird as she sings. The six o'clock alarm would never ring. But it rings and I rise, Wipe the sleep out of my eyes.
from Day Dream Believer by The Monkees
Creativity is not forced, cannot be intellectualized and does not abide by the laws of time. True creativity comes from being an open conduit for divine inspiration.  Creative creations are original, unique and unprecedented.  It is personal.  Creative guidance can only come to those who are willing to be vulnerable, and are open to not only Spirit but to being exposed to the world.  Walls between Me and Them blocks the creative flow.  Fear of shame or rejection of creative projects blocks divine connection.

Make time today to sit in meditation with no other intention than to be delighted with divine imagery.  Do not say, "for this project, this purpose, with this medium, for this recognition."  Spirit speaks clearly to those who are limitless in what might be said, shown or felt...to those who are unattached to a specific outcome.

For many, daydreams are much easier to remember than actual dreams.  Do not feel as if you'll forget the perfect inspiration.  Simply be prepared to take notes after the film has played in your mind's eye.  Trust that you will remember.

Enjoy creating.  Even if no one reads it, sees it, feels it, understands it.  It isn't for them, not really.  It is for God.  It is for you.  It is a gift of divine connection.  When we remember our true purpose of spending time with God and creating as guided we feel useful, we feel validated.  It is the only validation we need in truth.  When we remember this it is easy to prioritize our time to spend with God in creative service.

You were created to create.  You are God's physical hands.  Allow Spirit to show you what God most desires for you to create.  It is never a waste of time.

Angel Healer
<![CDATA[Being Wise Is Smart]]>Mon, 30 Nov 2015 02:16:38 GMThttp://www.brightpathwaysllc.com/blog/being-wise-is-smart
Wisdom is gained by experience and understanding.  I have been told, "I am wiser, because I am older and have more experience."  Hmmm...yes and no.

More experiences simply by living life for a longer time is definitely a possibility.  That is not the same as wisdom.  Without the effort of nurturing an understanding of those experiences on a spiritual level from your soul's perspective it has most likely created fear.  Nothing about fear is wise.

Fear is a primal, neurological response.  Fear is not a soul response.  Fear is a learned response.  If fear was natural we would still be scooting around on our bellies like babies, because we would be too afraid to stand and run lest we might trip and fall.

Embrace the spiritual understanding of your experiences.  Remember all of the wisdom that is available at your soul level.  You are wise, and embracing your wisdom is the smartest thing you will ever do.  You have a deep knowing and spiritual understanding about your experiences.  Use it!

Use your understanding to be more compassionate to everyone you meet.  Remember, being helpful doesn't mean you "should" on people like the opening comment does.  It doesn't mean you shoot off your understanding and advice like spitballs.  Nobody appreciates being spitballed.  Show people respect by asking them if they want your help first.  Help by listening, being present with them wherever and however they are and acting as God's hands of love.  It is already within you.  Use it!

Angel Healer
<![CDATA[Act with Faith and Love]]>Sat, 28 Nov 2015 22:09:08 GMThttp://www.brightpathwaysllc.com/blog/act-with-faith-and-love
No words from me could say it better than Saint Mother Teresa herself,
Faith in action is love, and love in action is service.  By transforming that faith into living acts of love, we put ourselves in contact with God Himself, with Jesus our Lord.
I have been getting this message a lot the last couple of days...Demonstrate faith by acting on God's guidance in little ways.  Patience with the frazzled clerk, forgiving the driver that cut me off, cooing to my fussy baby, feeling compassion, genuinely smiling and looking at the world with love.  Even when I don't feel like it.  Writing this post is for me a living act of love as is preparing a meal for my family or cleaning up the kitchen mess...again.  They are equally blessed in God's eyes.  They are opportunities for me to say yes to God's request for loving service.  When we bring our attention mindfully to living life with God we are blessed with many small opportunities to bring God's love to others.  These small acts of faith show God we are willing to surrender our thoughts and ideas of how we think life should be.  When we surrender our "shoulds" we are open to the possibility of God's "coulds."  I could do the dishes in peace and gratitude versus I should reluctantly do the dishes.  Every day, many times throughout each day, ask God, "How may I be of service?"  The small, simple answer may surprise you.

​Angeline the Angel Healer
<![CDATA[It IS Time!]]>Thu, 26 Nov 2015 03:52:37 GMThttp://www.brightpathwaysllc.com/blog/it-is-time
Tonight, the night of a Full Moon, is a wonderful time to review your past and decide what lessons have been blessings.  It is a choice to see them as such.  It is a courageous, powerful choice.  It is easy to say that something hurtful happened TO you.  It is hard to say that something hurtful happened FOR you.  Until you make the choice.  And then it isn't hard.  When you finally say, "This memory no longer hurts me," it is freeing.  It is powerful.  Because you are taking your power back from the situation and anyone involved.  You are reclaiming your life as your own.  Release the pain of the lesson.  This will create an empty space for God's love to fill.  It is time.  It is finally time to be free of the past.

Angeline the Angel Healer